Welcome to our 6th weekly recap! To keep the community updated, we are here to summarize our latest progress and activities for the past week.

Русская версия нажмите здесь

Hey Aura-holics!

Here are our recaps of the most notable:

The official channel for Russian Speaking Community is out now!

Our community comes from all parts of the world, so we are dedicated to creating local community channels where people from various regions can connect and share their ideas in their native languages. Last week, we launched Aura Network Ru - the official channel for the Russian-speaking community!

Check out here:

MEXC x Aura Network: New M-Day Program

We are super excited to announce a joint trading contest for users to win a share of 60,000 $AURA on MEXC. Users will need to trade to accumulate points and the top winners will share the prize pool.

Click here for more details:

AURA token CEX Listing on MEXC Global Exchange

Following our announcements about Impossible Finance Swap and Baryon Network, we are proud to confirm that Aura Network (AURA) is listed on MEXC Global Exchange at 12:00 August 9th (UTC).

Click here for more listing details:

BingX x Aura Network AMA

Last week, our COO of Aura Network - Mrs. Thu Tran - was thrilled to sit down for a chat with our community and discuss our listing event on BingX! We had quite an insightful conversation and here’s the recap in case you missed it:

$AURA Listing on BingX Official

We are glad to announce that Aura Network (AURA) is listed on the world's leading social trading platform BingX at 10:00 Aug 10th (UTC) with details as below:

Klever Insight x Aura Network livestream

Last week, our CTO of Aura Network had an insightful conversation with Misha Lederman to discuss the first Cosmos-based ecosystem that focuses on expanding the use of NFT across various industries.

Here’s the livestream in case you missed it:

MEXC Global x Aura Network $3,000 of $AURA Rewarding Campaign!

To celebrate the listing of $AURA on MEXC, we are happy to launch a rewarding campaign which will be detailed below:

Aura Mainnet will be launched on October 1st

After 12 months of continuous building, Aura Mainnet will be launched on October 1st. With this announcement, we want to show further commitment to our development team to the key milestones.

Click here for more details:

Full tutorial on how to buy - stake - farm AURA is out now!

Here's the full tutorial on how to buy AURA tokens on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, check out here:

Earn up to 100% APR on your AURA tokens! Learn more about how to stake AURA here:

Aura Network farming pool is now LIVE on Baryon Network with an APR of up to 500%. Learn how to farm AURA tokens on Baryon here:

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