The Xstaxy Mainnet Launch: An immersive experience into Web3

Discover the noteworthy highlights from the two events that were held recently in celebration of The Xstaxy Mainnet through this photo recap.

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The Xstaxy Mainnet Offline Event - March 19th

The Xstaxy Mainnet Offline Event was a private networking conference as a celebration of the mainnet launch and was attended by over 50 strategic partners and business guests. It was an exclusive opportunity to connect with key players in the industry and build relationships with high-profile individuals who share a passion for Web3 and NFTs technology. The event provided a space for in-depth discussions and sharing of ideas about the future of Web3.

The Xstaxy Mainnet Offline Event took place at the headquarters of Hashed, a leading blockchain investment fund based in Seoul, Korea.
The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Yamato Tran, Chairman of FPT Information System, and representatives from strategic partners and investors such as Hashed, Coin98, GUILDFI, and many others.
The stage was set for the Xstaxy Mainnet Offline Event, with all preparations in place to receive attendees from across Web2 and Web3 industries.
Mr. Giang Tran - Co-founder & CEO of Aura Network - shared about the project's past development journey, as well as revealed the vision and upcoming roadmap in 2023.
Next up, Mr. Ryan Sungho Kim, Co-founder of Hashed, gave a powerful speech on the importance of our collaboration in the blockchain industry.
Beyond the main program, guests were treated to an immersive experience that allowed them to network with other attendees and explore the potential of the Web3 space.
The Xstaxy Mainnet Offline Event marks a big step forward in the mission of Building the Internet of NFTs, while also strengthening our relationships with key partners.

The Xstaxy Mainnet Online Event - March 20th

In addition to the offline event, Aura Network opened a Virtual World for the community to get immersed in the space of Web3 and NFT with Aura Network. This was an incredible experience that brought together a vibrant community of blockchain enthusiasts, innovators, and thought leaders. Attendees were treated to a diverse range of interactive experiences that showcased the latest advancements of Aura mainnet. The enthusiasm and energy at the event were infectious, leaving our community feeling inspired and excited about the endless possibilities of NFTs that lie ahead.

As participants entered the virtual world, they found themselves transported into a digital wonderland of innovation and opportunity. The first stop was the Aura compact gallery, where attendees could admire the stunning collection of NFTs on display. 

As they continued to explore the virtual world, they struck up conversations with other attendees and the Aura development team. The buzz of excitement was palpable as participants shared their ideas about the future of Web3 and Aura Network. Everyone was eager to be a part of the Aura community and contribute to the ongoing development of this groundbreaking ecosystem.

As the participants stepped further to the key stage of the event, all eyes turned to the giant screen at the key stage. The screen came to life with a stunning 3D animation video that took them on a journey through the history of Aura Network in a captivating and visually striking way.
The atmosphere was electric as attendees gathered to hear the Aura founding team's highly-anticipated speech. It was a testament to the power of setting goals, tracking progress, and working together towards a shared vision of success in the world of Web3 and NFTs.
Following an engaging and informative presentation by our founding team, participants were treated to a special appearance by Mr. Thanh Le - Founder of Coin98 Finance, one of Aura's closest partners. As the crowd leaned in, he shared exciting details about the ongoing partnership between C98 and Aura, and offered a glimpse into the next phase of their collaboration post-Mainnet.
As the Aura Network event drew to a close, a hush fell over the crowd. The most awaited moment happened. Mr. Giang Tran, CEO & Founder of Aura Network pressed the launch button to kick off Aura Mainnet with virtual fireworks.

The Xstaxy Mainnet event has been a monumental milestone in Aura Network's journey toward becoming one of the leading blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the dedicated partners and communities who offer unwavering support that has propelled us towards this momentous achievement. Stay tuned and remain ambitious - for our dreams are far-reaching and boundless!

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