The Xstaxy Mainnet is now LIVE!

Aura Network is excited to announce the official launch of The Xstaxy Mainnet at 13:00 UTC on March 20th after 15 months of rigorous development.

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This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards revolutionizing the Cosmos ecosystem and enabling a more sustainable future for Web3, NFTs, and DeFi.

Aura Network’s core value proposition

Aura Network is a pioneering blockchain infrastructure provider, committed to delivering top-of-the-line layer-1 solutions using Cosmos SDK. We are dedicated to meeting the skyrocketing demand for NFTs, sustainable DeFi, and Web3 gaming.

At Aura Network, we take pride in launching the Xstaxy Mainnet, which stands out as the first-ever smart contract layer-1 chain driving toward massive NFT adoption in the Cosmos ecosystem. Our innovative solutions and industry expertise have positioned us as the leading force in the blockchain space.

With the latest technologies integrated into the Xstaxy Mainnet, our infrastructure is built to deliver exceptional scalability, security, and reliability. Backed by a team of 70 top-notch validators, we are implementing great innovations that offer an unmatched user experience, making it the perfect entrance for Web2 users looking to transition into the Web3 world.

What’s next for Aura Network in 2023?

Mainnet is just the beginning, and the future of blockchain is about to unfold. We have successfully launched our Mainnet, and now we're embarking on a new phase of development that will take us to greater heights of innovation.

Here are Aura Network’s top three focuses that will drive us to reach our vision:

  • Expand NFT adoption: Aura Network is not just content with having a solid foundation of expertise and resources in Vietnam and other SEA countries. We're taking things to the next level by growing local communities, building a payment gateway to Web3, and tailoring NFT adoption for traditional customers. With our close collaboration with local enterprises, brands, loyalty systems, and social networks, we are confident that we can bring NFT adoption to a whole new level.
  • Optimize UX for the mainstream: Understanding that blockchain technology can be complex and intimidating, we aim to make the user experience seamless and coherent for mainstream users and NFT newcomers. "What we are trying to do is that users can ignore that process.” - shared Long Nguyen, CTO of Aura Network. We believe that by simplifying core dApps, users can focus on enjoying the benefits that Aura Network offers.
  • Grow Cosmos open-source software: Aura Network is committed to contributing to the open-source software on Cosmos. Our core infrastructure products are interoperable with other Cosmos chains, aiming at growing the Cosmos ecosystem as a whole.

Please tune in to our official channels to stay updated with upcoming updates regarding new applications, NFT use cases, and features powered by Aura Network.

Key to the success and a game-changing Mainnet

Aura Network has achieved a lot of success in its efforts so far, mainly due to the significant support from top VCs and blockchain projects, including Hashed, Coin98 Ventures, Impossible Finance, GuildFi, Republic Crypto, Whalemap, Matchbox DAO, Istari Ventures and many others.

This support has enabled Aura Network to build a talented team and a robust infrastructure, increasing our credibility and attracting more users and investors. By receiving the endorsement of well-respected organizations, Aura Network has attracted more attention from potential users and investors, driving our growth and success.

We are confident that our Mainnet will be a game-changer in the blockchain industry, and we look forward to welcoming the community to join us on this exciting journey. With our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community, Aura Network is ready to lead toward a better Web3 future.

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