Aura Network Partners with Evmos to Unlock EVM and Foster Interoperability

Aura Network excitedly announces collaboration with Evmos, introducing Aura EVM, a significant step towards EVM compatibility.

Aura Network is thrilled to unveil our collaboration with Evmos, heralding the arrival of Aura EVM. This transformative upgrade marks a crucial step in Aura's evolution towards becoming an EVM-compatible Abstraction Layer.

Through this partnership, DApps can seamlessly integrate into Aura Network with unparalleled ease and flexibility. This breakthrough addresses key interoperability challenges, empowering developers to effortlessly select their preferred environment.

evmOS: Unleashing EVMs for Web3 Business

evmOS introduces a comprehensive suite of features and modules tailored around EVM implementation for Cosmos SDK. From IBC functionality to EVM extensions, access to the dApp Store, and full customization capabilities, evmOSoffers more than just code – it's a ready-to-launch solution crafted for everyone. Powered by the Cosmos SDK and running on the CometBFT consensus engine, evmOSprioritises native, cross-chain applications, offering unprecedented flexibility for Aura Network developers in expanding dApps.

In an exciting development recently, Evmos has teamed up with Ripple and Peersyst to create an EVM sidechain for XRPL using evmOS. This collaboration accelerates the growth of the XRPL EVM sidechain and unlock new opportunities for developers and users.

Aura Network and Evmos: Building a Solid Foundation for DApp Development and Enhanced Interoperability

Through our partnership, Aura is joining forces with Evmos to integrate the latest Ethereum Virtual Machine upgrade. This integration introduces a new system message type to encapsulate EVM messages, ensuring seamless compatibility with Cosmos messages. Additionally, evmOSmodules like erc20 (for token conversions) and feemarket (for dynamic gas fees) are seamlessly incorporated.

This partnership represents a significant advancement, merging established solutions with versatility and interoperability. With evmOS, Aura Network is unlocking new possibilities for Web3 builders, providing developers with unparalleled customization options to create innovative dApps. The increased diversity of DApps attracts more traffic, Total Value Locked (TVL), and revenue. Web3 users familiar with EVM UX will find transitioning to the Aura ecosystem effortless.

For the detailed announcement about Aura EVM, click here!

Forging a Future Together: Sustainable Collaboration Across Multiple Areas

Our partnership extends far beyond EVM compatibility—it's a handshake ushering in a future filled with innovation, set to redefine business solutions for years to come.

Specifically, Aura Network and Evmos will collaborate in two key areas:

  • Gaming Application Deployment: Together, they'll support the deployment of gaming applications on partner gaming marketplaces associated with Evmos, showcasing the ecosystem's capabilities.
  • Enterprise-Level Partner Acquisition: Aura Network will spearhead efforts to secure enterprise partnerships, facilitating the integration of evmOS infrastructure within their operations.

In the near future, we'll host the Evmos x Aura Hackathon, an event aimed at inspiring and rewarding groundbreaking projects. Winning projects will be judged based on criteria agreed upon by both Aura Network and Evmos. These hackathons will focus on leveraging evmOSfunctionalities, such as EVM Extension, Modules, and IBC, to develop innovative dApps, with valuable expertise provided to the judging panel by Evmos.

About Evmos

Evmos is an interoperable EVM blockchain designed for cross-chain dApp development. With groundbreaking roadmap features, such as Outposts and the Evmos dApp Store, Evmos gives developers the freedom to take advantage of IBC and connect their smart contracts to the interchain. The Evmos chain is built with evmOS and remains its flagship product.

evmOS is a production-ready modular solution designed to bring EVM compatibility to web3 businesses. Built with the Cosmos SDK, evmOS comes with IBC, CometBFT and enables projects to fully customize their chain logic and go beyond standard generic smart contract platforms. With continuous upgrades and maintenance, evmOS empowers anyone to deliver unmatched experiences with their EVM blockchains.

About Aura Network

Aura Network is a pioneering abstraction layer for Real World Assets (RWA) featuring built-in modularity. Constructed with the Cosmos SDK, it incorporates dual-processing smart contract engines: EVM and CosmWasm. It offers native account abstraction and is designed to support mass adoption use cases, particularly in emerging markets.

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