What's Aura Network?

Aura Network is the growing Cosmos blockchain layer 1 that provides valuable public infrastructure for the broader ecosystem. Aura Network focuses on optimizing chains for NFT use cases, helping artists and other content providers create a new, user-friendly experience with their digital content. Backed by prominent investors, such as FPT Corporation, a leading information technology company, Hashed Ventures & Coin98 Ventures, Aura Network is an ecosystem designed to accelerate global NFT adoption by building the Internet of NFTs and bringing NFT and web3 to the masses.

What's layer 1?

Layer 1 is the fundamental base network of a blockchain platform. It performs all on-chain transactions and serves as the primary source of truth for a public ledger.

What is Cosmos and how does it relate to the Aura Network?

Cosmos is a decentralized ecosystem built on a modular, adaptable, interchangeable, and scalable toolset. This allows developers not only to build their blockchain networks but also to connect seamlessly with other blockchain networks. The Cosmos SDK is the most advanced framework for building custom application-specific blockchains today. The default consensus engine available within the Cosmos SDK is Tendermint Core, whose algorithm Aura Network uses for development.

Does the Aura Network have a token?

Yes. It's the AURA token, the native coin on the Aura Network blockchain. You can follow AURA token at Coingecko.

When is Aura Network’s mainnet?

Aura Network is excited to announce the official launch of The Xstaxy Mainnet at 13:00 UTC on March 20th after 15 months of rigorous development.

Where can I buy AURA token?

AURA tokens can be traded on centralized crypto exchanges, MEXC and BingX, as well as on the decentralized exchange Halo Trade, which is the native DEX on the Aura Network. Additionally, the AURA token will be listed on Gate on July 25, 2023.

Where can I learn more about Aura Network?

Visit our Blog, Insights, Docs, Github for constant updates or shoot any question on our community channels (Discord and Telegram)!

How does Aura Network differ from other chains?

Interoperability is everything. As a chain tailored for NFTs, we provide robust end-to-end solutions and purpose-built networks that enable NFTs swapping.

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