What is Aura safe

Aura Safe is a user-friendly application that allows users to create multi-signature accounts with fine-grained access control for the Cosmos ecosystem. If you are familiar with Gnosis-safe for Ethereum, it is quite similar. Find out more here: https://github.com/aura-nw/safe-react

When is Aura Network’s mainnet?

Aura Mainnet is going to be released at the end of the third quarter of 2022. Stay tuned!

Why building on Cosmos?

Agility and Cosmos IBC. Cosmos solves the limitations of “the old blockchains”. The backbone of the Cosmos ecosystem, IBC handles transport across different sovereign blockchains.

Does Aura Network have a bug bounty program available?

Stay tuned, coming soon. Sign-up for our newsletter and follow us on Discord for exclusive events and updates!

Where can I learn more about Aura Network?

Visit our Blog, Insights, Docs, Github for constant updates or shoot any question on our community channels (Discord and Telegram)!

How does Aura Network differ from other chains?

Interoperability is everything. As a chain tailored for NFTs, we provide robust end-to-end solutions and purpose-built networks that enable NFTs swapping.

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