Aura Network Partners with SqrDAO: Introducing Vietnam Web3 Builders' Collective

Aura Network is thrilled to announce a new partnership with SqrDAO, a Web3 Builders-driven community initiative created by and for Web3 Builders.

Partnership Overview: Builders Backing Builders

The partnership between Aura Network and SqrDAO is dedicated to the "Builders Backing Builders" program, which aims to develop a playbook to help fast-track Vietnamese builders through the following key components:

Vietnamese Web3 Project Directory GitHub

We aim to discover and create a comprehensive directory of Vietnamese Web3 developers on GitHub. This will highlight projects with active development, a significant number of young talent developers, and clear documentation. This direction will make it easier to connect with and uncover the hidden gems of potential local talent.

Web3 Builders’ Dinners

We will host a series of monthly Web3 Builders events, encompassing technical workshops, conferences, and community gatherings featuring key contributors from leading projects. These events will serve as hubs for valuable networking and learning opportunities, partnering with both online and offline communities dedicated to blockchain in Vietnam, fostering a vibrant and collaborative environment for Web3 innovation.

Recognizing the need and the challenges for legal and security expertise in blockchain projects, we will connect with Vietnamese firms specializing in these areas. This support will help local projects navigate regulatory landscapes and ensure robust security practices. In addition, this will safeguard against fraudulent schemes and instill confidence within the Web3 community, catalyzing the advancement of the Web3 foundation.

Global Partners Networking

Our partnership is dedicated to bridging the gap between Web3 projects and potential global partners seeking opportunities in the blockchain space. This connection will offer strong support for promising projects and attract numerous Web3 experts.

As an Abstraction Layer, we aim to create a more interconnected, supportive, and innovative environment for blockchain development. Whether you are a developer, or blockchain enthusiast, we invite you to join us on the upcoming journey. We are all Builders and “Builders backing Builders”.

About SqrDAO

SqrDAO is a Web3 Builders-driven community initiative created by and for Web3 builders. They aim to connect and empower technical and non-technical builders alike to collaborate and explore new ideas. Their flagship gathering series, Web3 Builders’ Dinners, has regularly occurred in the Web3 community, drawing over 1000 attendants and numerous partners, such as AWS, Solana SuperteamVN, Kyber Network, Avalanche, Aura Network,…

About Aura Network

Aura Network is a pioneering abstraction layer for Real World Assets (RWA) featuring built-in modularity. Constructed with the Cosmos SDK, it incorporates dual-processing smart contract engines: EVM and CosmWasm. It offers native account abstraction and is designed to support mass adoption use cases, particularly in emerging markets.

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