Aura EVM - Uniting Vietnam’s Innovators for Global Impact

Aura Network has achieved full EVM compatibility, bringing together the best minds in Vietnam to make a global impact.

Vietnam’s rapid rise in the global Web3 landscape is now channeling through Aura Network, with the integration of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility aimed at uniting the country’s Web3 builders. Here’s how Aura EVM is strategically positioned to empower Vietnam’s burgeoning Web3 scene.

Vietnam’s Vibrant Web3 Ecosystem

According to Market Research Report, the blockchain market in Vietnam, valued at USD 350 million in 2023, is forecasted to expand at a CAGR of 17.4%, reaching USD 925 million by 2029. This growth is driven by strong government support, a vibrant tech startup ecosystem, and increasing adoption across various sectors, making it an influential contributor to the national economy. According to recent research by Ninety-Eight, this burgeoning market hosts over 100 crypto projects, showing a notable rise in both the quantity and quality of Web3 projects.

The dynamic blockchain environment in Vietnam features a diverse array of initiatives, including blockchain, wallet, launchpad, gaming, NFT marketplace, exchange, etc. It's evident that while there are established projects gaining international acclaim, newer projects are also emerging with significant development potential. These burgeoning projects are often in need of a robust platform to launch and grow, highlighting the essential role of supportive ecosystems like Aura Network that provide the necessary groundwork for these innovations to thrive and scale.

What Aura Offers: The 4E Framework

Expansive Network

With strong government support and a robust regulatory environment, - Aura Network was incubated by one of the largest tech giants in SEA. The team is also backed by Hashed & Zentry (previously GuildFi) while maintaining sustainable partnerships with prestigious 50 regional builders such as 100x and Cryptomind. Aura Network is also collaborating with over 30 IPs holders and producers in Asia, which will empower artists and creators to contribute more leveraging these resources in many aspects such as Manga, Game, NFT collections and so on. This strong background integrates them into the global Web3 ecosystem, making Aura Network a key player in the Web3 rise.

Experienced Leadership

With the strong background as one of top 10 enterprise blockchain service providers for 4 years and a business partner of other Fortune500 clients (Source: E&Y), our leadership team is committed to nurturing the next generation of Web3 entrepreneurs. These leaders provide strategic mentorship and insights based on their profound industry knowledge, guiding projects toward efficient and scalable development. Their expertise is essential in steering projects through the complex terrain of modern Web3 challenges, ensuring that each venture achieves its full potential under Aura’s guidance.

Engineering Resources

Aura Network has more than 60 developers with professional experience in application development. We are committed to supporting our projects with extensive engineering resources, ensuring they have the highest technical expertise and the most advanced tools. This commitment is backed by Vietnam’s dynamic blockchain ecosystem, a vibrant community of innovative minds eager to push the boundaries of technology. Our resource pool is developed to empower projects, allowing them to launch successfully and operate smoothly in a competitive market (InnoLab Asia) (DoVentures).

EVM Compatibility

Aura Network’s platform is meticulously designed for seamless integration with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Cosmos Wasm, helping us reach scalability while maintaining security. This compatibility allows developers to transition their projects from conceptualization to execution easily. By reducing barriers to entry and fostering a supportive environment for blockchain technologies, Aura Network remains at the forefront of blockchain innovation, ready to meet the demands of an evolving global market (Market Research Reports) (Glints Employers).

Join Us: Build with Aura

Join Aura Network and experience a streamlined pathway to launching and scaling Web3 projects in Vietnam. Our platform provides seamless onboarding with full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, encouraging developers to integrate and deploy their innovations effortlessly. This technical adaptability is crucial for fostering a conducive environment where ideas can evolve from conception to execution without friction.

Aura aims to elevate Vietnam’s position on the global Web3 stage by uniting a spectrum of Web3 projects under one cohesive network. We are creating a collaborative ecosystem where local projects gain the tools and connections needed to grow and compete internationally. With Aura Network, your project is not just part of a platform but a movement towards achieving world-class standards in technology and innovation.

We invite all Web3 innovators and builders from Vietnam and worldwide to join us in this exciting journey. Together, let’s shape the future of technology and blockchain in Vietnam and globally.

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