Here's the #11 weekly recap for the Aura community to stay updated with our main activities.

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Hey Auraholics!

Welcome to our 11th weekly recap! To keep the community updated, we are here to summarize our latest progress and activities for the past week.

Here are our recaps of the most notable:

Partnership Announcement: Aura Network x Yunero Studios

On Sept 27th, 2022, we are thrilled to announce that Aura Network has partnered with Yunero Studios - a talented Web3 gaming studio. Yunero Studios is dedicated to pushing the gaming arm for the future, joining hands with Aura Network to bring Web3 to the masses.

AMA: Aura Network x CryptoKudasaiJP

Last week, Aura Network was thrilled to sit down for a chat with CryptoKudasaiJP on Twitter Spaces and Telegram. We had quite an insightful conversation as well as provided a technical overview for our audiences!

In case you missed our AMA, click here for the summary.

Community Campaign #2: Pyxis Game Winners Announcement

The campaign “Explore Pyxis Safe to earn 50,000 $AURA” has concluded with remarkable numbers. Aura Network would like to show our deepest appreciation for all the participation in 10 days. Every single participant taking part in 2 mini-games is a huge support for Aura Team.

Click here for the final results of the Pyxis Game!

Pyxis Ambassador Video Contest Winner Announcement

Throughout 2 weeks, the contest attracted more than 100 participants with more than 250 videos submitted. We are surprised by the enormous attention you showed towards Aura Network and Pyxis Safe.

Aura Network is excited to announce the winners of the Pyxis Ambassador Video Contest as here. Congratulations to all winners!

$AURA Staking Pool and Farming Pool extended on Baryon Network

Based on the strong suggestions by the Aura Network community, we have decided to extend staking and farming rewards on Baryon Network for the next 6 weeks from Oct 8-9th. The rewards for AURA staking and farming on Baryon begin to pile up!

Click here to become our stakers and farmers now:

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