Welcome to our 12th weekly recap! To keep the community updated, we are here to summarize our latest progress and activities for the past week.

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Hey Auraholics!

Here are our recaps of the most notable:

Cosmos Vietnam Side Event

On October 20, Aura Network hosted Cosmos Vietnam Side Event - a side event of Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022. With the participation of our CTO - Long Nguyen, Jacob Gadikian from Notional DAO validator, and a representative from Tiki Astra, we had an insightful discussion on the Cosmos ecosystem, Blockchain, and NFT trends.

In case you missed it, this thread will show all the event's main topics:

Aura Network's COO delivers insightful keynotes at the Vietnam Blockchain Summit.

On October 19, we were honored to have our COO give an insightful talk at Vietnam Blockchain Summit. The discussion at hand focused on the value of digital assets from the perspective of NFTs with other superb speakers.

Here’s the summary of her main ideas in the panel:

Farming Pool extended on Baryon Network

Based on the strong suggestions by the Aura Network community,  the reward for the extension on Baryon has begun to pile up! Don't miss your chance to farm with APR up to 153%!

Click here to become our farmers now:

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