The Year of Dragon’s Li Xi: Unwrap your Blessings for 2024 with Aura Network

Unlock blessings with Aura Network's Li Xi Campaign – The Year of the Dragon: Unwrap your blessings for 2024. Connect, share, and reap rewards!

As we immerse ourselves in the joyous atmosphere of the Lunar New Year, Aura Network is delighted to present a unique opportunity for our cherished users. Brace yourselves for "The Year of Dragon’s Li Xi: Unwrap your Blessings for 2024," a captivating campaign featuring thousands of lucky envelopes packed with unexpected luck and delightful experiences.

Event Period:

00:00 UTC+7, February 10th 2024 - 23:59 UTC+7, February 20th 2024

How to participate:

  • Navigate to Li Xi Portal:
  • Connect your X account
  • To participate further, you must have a fortune number
  • The Li Xi Campaign introduces a vibrant lucky money envelope system, featuring three enticing colors, each tied to specific tasks and corresponding rewards. To unlock the full array of rewards, participants are encouraged to complete tasks associated with each color.
Red EnvelopeGold EnvelopeBlue Envelope
How to getUsers bind social accounts to receive the envelopeUsers need to share the content + visual on X to receive the envelopeUsers join the portal through the Fortune Number (referral code)
Users invite friends to the portal through the Fortune Number (referral code)
What's insideGuaranteed Prize + Random PrizeGuaranteed Prize + Random PrizeRandom Prize
QuantityUnlimited quantityUnlimited quantityUnlimited quantity
RewardsDragon Gem NFTs Random $AURA PrizeDragon Gem NFTs Random $AURA PrizeRandom Dragon Gem NFTs

How to get fortune numbers?

The fortune number is somewhere on your X, your circle, or other community channels.

What is Dragon Gem?

In the Year of the Dragon 2024, a radiant Dragon Gem was discovered, said to hold the key to endless fortune. Legends spoke of its ties to an ancient realm, promising incredible wonders to those who could wield its power. Thus began an epic journey as courageous adventurers set out to unlock the gem's secrets, ushering in a year filled with mythical quests and adventures.

Stay tuned for more details on the exciting attributes and advantages that each dragon race brings!


Maximize your rewards by sending all your Fortune numbers to your friends to claim the blue envelope.


You will need an Aura Wallet to claim all the rewards

How to Create an Aura Wallet?

Once you've collected all the Li Xi, it's time to reap the rewards. Simply input your Aura wallet address into the Li Xi Portal for all rewards to be transferred. Make sure to have an Aura wallet ready beforehand to receive your lucky money.

Check out the steps to create an Aura wallet HERE.

Wishing you the best of luck with the fortunate envelopes coming your way! May these lucky surprises usher in prosperity for you in the Year of the Dragon 2024.

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