Guide to cross-chain transfer your Interchain NFT

Follow the guide below to cross-chain transfer your Interchain NFT between Aura Network and other chains.

Pioneering the 1st Interchain NFT use cases on Cosmos

Since the integration of Monsterra, Aura Network is now leading the charge in Cosmos by unleashing the first-ever Interchain NFT GameFi use case.

Get ready for a revolutionary wave of retail users in the crypto realm, as Aura Network evolves into the ultimate gaming hub within Cosmos.

Why is this a breakthrough milestone?

  • Leading Interchain NFT Application: We're tokenizing game assets on Aura Network using CosmWasm, making in-game NFTs IBC-compatible.
  • Technological and Business Milestone: Migrating Monsterra from EVM to Cosmos shows our strong commitment to pushing the boundaries of Cosmos technology in gaming. pci
  • Promising Collaboration on the way: The integration of Monsterra will be the first step leading to new collaboration in the near future, bringing NFTs from Aura chain to many other ecosystems and creating fantastic NFT use cases.

Bridging your interchain NFT in 5 steps

HaloTrade, the native DEX on Aura Network, now lets you easily move your interchain NFT between Stargaze and Aura Network. It's all part of the HaloTrade platform, and this update is going to make gaming in the Cosmos network even more interconnected.

Want to shift your interchain NFT on HaloTrade? Just follow our simple guide to transfer your interchain NFT between Stargaze and Aura Network smoothly.

Step 1: Visit and Connect wallet (Keplr, Leap and Coin98 wallet supported).

Step 2: Find the NFT you want to transfer. Click Transfer.

Step 3: Choose the chains of ‘From’ and ‘To’ you need to transfer between.

Step 4: Insert the recipient's address. Ensure that the address is correct. Click Transfer.

Step 5: Switch to the new chain that you sent the NFT to. Open the ‘Unwrapped’ section. Click Unwrap your NFT.

Now the NFT is available under the ‘Your NFTs’ section!

Stay updated on the latest updates by following Aura Network’s channels! Keep in touch and stay ahead of the first-ever Interchain NFT gaming experience in Cosmos.

About Aura Network

Aura Network is a high-performance L1, driving blockchain mass adoption with built-in modularity and account abstraction. The Aura Network blockchain is designed to address the trilemma of scalability, security, and decentralization.

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