Staging Net Kickoff Recap

On the 12th of July, 2022, we hosted a Staging Net Kickoff via Discord for Euphoria Validators.

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This kickoff aims to introduce Aura Network and Staging Net; as well as what are we planning for the future?

Part 1: Aura Network and Staging Net Introduction

Part 2: Q&A Section

Erialos: I was wondering if you could expand on the tones available for us to search and query within the Cosmos systems.

Eledra: That's a great one! Please head over to GitHub. On our GitHub, this will be the Aura indexer repository. There's no demo at the moment, I will put on the link on the rest of API here. So this is one of the things that we are building. You can see in this open API that there will be all the API you normally see on the LCD client, and we do that on every network that we can do on the Github repository. It will be Aura, Osmosis, Cosmos Hub and Evmos.

What does it? The indexers listen to the network, which will crawl every block of transactions and put everything in the mongo database. It will be like Mintscan API or EtherScan API; you can query pretty much everything about the network here.

If you want the transactions or the blocks or like, you want to query for the asset, which is a really important API. It will get my address, for example, if you query the wallet address of one person. It will search all the indexes on every token you have, every NFT. Later on, there will probably be a customized UI, so you can query for specific access in one specific contract you have. This is an all-in-one tool for you and is also fully open-source so, if you find a network that doesn't have the integrations here, you can put it on.

A lot of others like Vidulum should be here. It will be better than the current LCD client since it's very difficult for people to query all assets of one person. It's really difficult unless you have to index everything.

We will also build a graphQL server on these tools. You can write GraphQL and query everything. Now it's in the Alpha version. It is already used for Aurascan. In Aurascan, it is already using Aura indexer. It will take a little more time to support Osmosis and Cosmos Hub and a lot of testing.

If you are interested in this stuff, you can run it yourself, or if you don't, you can directly use the link that I give you here to try to query for all the things.

Erialos: I was going to say that those are some awesome tools because I'm gonna need to search wallets that are holding the NFTs and hopefully will be able to be giving my delegator

Eledra: That's a good use case

Erialos: … rewards on for whoever is holding them. Suppose I can very easily find that information because, as you know, we've talked about this before about how hard it is to query right now to find things or just how extensive a search can be to grab it.

But, to be able to find wallets are holding this NFTs easily could generate a string of wallets from their Cosmos base and then issue out rewards or airdrops; that'll be really great. That's a really helpful tool.

Eledra: It was carefully engineered so that it will be horizontal scaling and automatically caching. You don't even need your own caching server but can directly use the API we provide. There will be some improvements in the future supports, like in authentications or in red limiting queries and some stuff like that. But we do hope that we can serve as much and chain as possible

Question 2:

Lkskrn: My question is this set of validators selected to be secured, in terms of the token amount and the initial delegation. I have seen in previous Testnets that people can redelegate it to somebody else, and then it will expand rapidly like, from 55 pre-selected to a few hundreds of people. There will be some challenges in keeping yourself on the active list. So I'm really curious if you are well-secured about that and it can be easily done if you have some gap. So, the initial list of people will have some gap in tokens, so it will be hard to kick them off if they are still active. Also, if you are like encouraged to use auto compound scripts to re-delegate all the rewards automatically after a while

Eledra: We also think about this before. One of the things that we think earlier is the first people who participate in the Euphoria Network will be on the initial set of the validator on the Mainnet. You have to think like this, in the beginning, when we open Mainnet, the circulating supply of our tokens on the market will not be much. Most of the tokens are under vesting, for the team, it's cliff, and for others, people who buy in the seed and strategic round will be locked, and yeah, it will be eventually unlocked. These lock tokens can still be delegated, so this is not something people know, but if you are a validator, you know that people can still skate and still delegate even if their token is locked. And same for us, we also have our foundations, and we are trying to write rules from Aura delegations to delegate to specific validators, to make sure that everybody has a fair chance in the Mainnet.

If you participate in Euphoria, you will have like some bonus points. We are trying to come up with a pointing system. We are still designing it, but of course, we will give it to you for you guys to review before we make it official.

Since you are the early - Euphoria participant, you would have a bonus point. And if you do some stuff like engaging the community or similar to applying for a grant, you have to promise us that you have to do something extra for the community. It doesn't matter what you do as long as it makes sense and brings value to the Aura community with a bonus point.

Plus, you got exposed to many of our partners who have token locked, and we will make a leaderboard. It will give you the chance to market your service, i guess that's the only thing that we can promise since it's it's a free and open market. We don't really want to disrupt it a lot. We try to respect your time and dedications in participating early by giving you, bonus point in considerations of delegating fund from the our foundations. In the course of three months, we would have to refine these rules to make sure that it is fair to everybody. We will try to make it transparent, and we'll try to have your voice to make sure that you are fine with it.

Lkskrn: About the Staging network, do you expect new people joining the validator list, not the one you were pre-selected?

Eledra: We selected you guys and there will not be new people coming.

Lkskrn: But technically, it is possible because, for example, when I start my own validation, I can redelegate to any other validator and I've seen it before. So, the initial list of validators can get some amount of tokens to make sure they will always be and will not be replaced by any random people who will just get one coin..

Eledra: I think that's a fair point. Tomorrow, we will not start the faucet yet. We will use the faucet to delegate to all of you a certain amount so that even people get faucet. They will not be more than you; at least that's the only way that we can promise.

Lkskrn: It answered my question, basically.

Eledra: At some point, if you really like somebody and you can delegate all your tokens to the new one then…

Lkskrn: It's really possible, and it cannot be limited, basically. I think, in most cases, we can't prevent that but we can take notice and everybody will do a mutual understanding that we should not tolerate this kind of behavior or not. I think we could we can solve that.

Question 3:

Ducan: Do you guys update any new features to have comprehensive Mainnet in the future for Aura?

Eledra: Yes, we are writing a custom module to allow fee grant, but it's more sophisticated than the current fee grant module of the Cosmos ecosystem. So that will be a new module. The things that we are working on at the moment are not on the infrastructure layer except the new module but also but like most of the things we are working on is the application level. NFT standard is similar to Solana and like Metaplex in Solana, we are bringing it here on our network. We are building liquidity solutions to collaborate with some of the big bridges and solutions out there. That would be the things that we're going to work on the most like, NFT applications, some of the fundamental building blocks of a ecosystem as well.

On the chain level, that will be mostly on fee grant multi-signature module with the group module in the new Cosmos SDK. But apart from that, we don't have any big change in the chain until Mainnet. We hope that we can keep it stable until we go to the Mainnet, unless we find some bugs or security problems.

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