Welcome to our 4th weekly recap! To keep the community updated, we are here to summarize our latest progress and activities for the past week.

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Hey Aura-holics!

Here are our recaps of the most notable:

NFTs Night

Following up the "The NFTs Talk", "The NFTs Night" took place on July 25 at GEM Center (HCMC) and served as Aura Network's official launching. This exclusive event welcomed over 100 distinguished guests, including partners and strategic advisers from Binance, Impossible Finance, Coin98 Finance, Kyros Ventures, K300 Ventures, and other blockchain-related companies.

AURA token DEX Listing

We are excited to announce that Aura Network (AURA) is listed on Impossible Finance Swap and Coin98 x Baryon Network on 28/07/2022. After proudly becoming the 14th project on Impossible Launchpad, AURA tokens are now available for all participants to trade.

Read more here:

Aura Network Trading Competition - Trade & earn up to 300,000 AURA

On July 28, $AURA was officially listed on Baryon Network. To celebrate this premier listing, we are thrilled to launch a marvelous campaign to reward up to 300,000 AURA in the Aura Network Trading Competition.

Click here for more details:

New Trading Pair: C98/AURA

As a result of C98’s long-term collaboration and our commitment to providing the community with a broader offering, the AURA Token and C98 are now an official trading pair on Baryon. Baryon Network opened trading for the C98/AURA trading pair on July 29.

Click here for more details:

$AURA Staking pool is available on Baryon Network

After officially listing $AURA, Baryon Network has activated $AURA Staking pool, giving Aura hodlers a chance to earn up to 1,431.75% APR on $AURA tokens!

Start staking here:

BUSD/AURA Farming Pool is Now Live on Baryon Network

Aura holders should feast their eyes on Baryon Network as the new farming pool has been launched. Baryon Network now opens BUSD/AURA farming pool with an APR of up to 20,000%.

Click here for more details:

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