BUSD/AURA Farming Pool is Now Live on Baryon Network!

Baryon Network now opens BUSD/AURA farming pool with an APR of up to 20,000%.

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The Aura Network farming pool is one of the first pools launched on Baryon Network, including AURA and BUSD (LP).

Users can provide those LP tokens to earn the reward in AURA tokens after adding liquidity to this farming pool: https://www.baryon.network/farm

  • LP pool: AURA/BUSD
  • APR: up to 20,000%
  • Duration: 29/07/2022 - 28/08/2022 09:00 (UTC)

About Aura Network

Aura Network is a scalable, agile and effortless Layer-1 blockchain with a comprehensive ecosystem built to accelerate global NFTs adoption. Aura Network focuses on solving the problem of adopting NFTs and blockchain technology in general, which is currently a highly complex process.

Official links:

Risk warning: Impossible Finance Swap and Coin98 x Baryon are currently the first two official DEXes to list Aura Network (AURA). There are NO other platforms for token sale/swap at the moment.  Please make sure you are using the official token by checking the smart contract address which will be listed at the above times. You are strongly advised to be aware of crypto scams to protect your assets.

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