Welcome to our 10th weekly recap! To keep the community updated, we are here to summarize our latest progress and activities for the past week.

Hey Auraholics!

Here are our recaps of the most notable:

AuraScan Game Winners Announcement

The community campaign Explore AuraScan to earn 100,000 $AURA has come to an end with impressive numbers! Over 1,000 participants have well-completed 03 types of tasks to accumulate their total points. After carefully calculating points of the leaderboard, we are now having the final rewards and having distributed rewards to all participants in the AuraScan Game!

Click here for details:

Baryon Network x Aura Network Fireside Chat

On the 15th of September, we had an insightful conversation about Hi-Tech World with Baryon Network having our CTO - Mr. Long Nguyen as a speaker. The chat full-filled the community with useful and fascinating information about the project.

Here’s the recap in case you missed it:

Pyxis Ambassador Video Contest

To celebrate the official release of the multisig wallet Pyxis Safe powered by Aura Network, we organized a Content Creator Activity, which is open to all users! Through this contest, numerous creative videos have been contributed to promoting Pyxis Safe. Stay tuned for our winner annoucement!

Click here for more details:

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