Welcome to our 8th weekly recap! To keep the community updated, we are here to summarize our latest progress and activities for the past week.

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Hey Aura-holics!

Here are our recaps of the most notable:

Community Campaign: Explore AuraScan to Earn 100,000 $AURA is now LIVE!

Community Campaign: Explore AuraScan to Earn 100,000 $AURA is grabbing the attention of Aura Community thanks to attractive rules and rewards. Everyone can easily participate in our campaign by exploring AuraScan based on our detailed instructions included in this gleam below from 25/08 to 09/09.

Grab your chance and join now:

Aura Network will daily update the leaderboard of the AuraScan game in this article:

Validators Campaign: MASTER OF NODES

Aura Network hosts an exclusive campaign for Aura Validators to interact with our Euphoria Network. There are 5 tasks in the Validators Campaign: MASTER OF NODES, including Monitor/Alert, Delegation, Network Governance, Network Upgrades, and Performance Test. These tasks will be completed chronologically by participants.

Let’s go through the details of the Validators Campaign: MASTER OF NODES here :

Aura Network x MEXC Global Twitter Spaces Talkshow

On August 26, we conducted a joint AMA session with our partner MEXC Global. During this session, our CEO, Mr. Giang Tran, and our Head of Engineering, Mr. Tuan Bui had an insightful conversation and answered questions from the community on various topics related to Aura Network, its goals, mission, milestones, and more.

Below is a full record of the event in case you missed it:

Aura Network x Bitget Global: Deposit 2 List Campaign

We are excited to announce Aura Network (AURA) is listing on Bitget with the Deposit 2 list Campaign! Show your support by depositing $AURA and not only will you be supporting Aura Network’s listing on Bitget, but you’ll also be entitled to share from a massive prize pool of $10,000 in AURA!

Read on for more details:

Aura Network x KCLabs Official: AMA official on Twitter Space

Last week we had an AMA engaged in an insightful discussion and addressed inquiries from the audience about the technical aspects of Aura Network and the Cosmos ecosystem during the session.

Below is a full record of the event in case you missed it:

$AURA Farming Tutorial Video is live!

Aura Network farming pool is now LIVE on Baryon Network with an APR of up to 500%. Learn how to farm AURA tokens on Baryon here.

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