Welcome to our 3rd weekly recap! To keep the community updated, we are here to summarize our latest progress and activities for the past week.

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Hey Aura-holics!

Here are our recaps of the most notable:

1. AMA MH Venture

Last week, Aura Network was thrilled to sit down for a chat with some of the biggest L1 & L2 Protocols of tomorrow and discuss why the space needs a new Blockchain! We had quite an insightful conversation with over 120 audiences!

Here’s the record in case you missed it:

2. Euphoria Quiz (19/7)

Aura Network is excited to launch Euphoria Quiz, an activity to encourage users to learn about our Euphoria Staging Network and win a chance to gain up to 500 tokens AURA. Be quick! 6 days left before you miss an opportunity to earn AURA tokens.

Click here for more details:

3. The NFTs Talk

Aura Network hosted "The NFTs Talk" on July 22, 2022, with the attendance of 8 premium guest speakers from prominent Blockchain and Crypto projects such as Binance, Coin98 Finance, and Impossible Finance. This online panel focused on the future development trend of NFTs and their application in different industries.

Interested? Read more here:

4. Aura Network to shutdown Halo Testnet

Considering that there is no need to focus resources on maintenance of the Halo testnet equipped with the same features as Euphoria, Aura Network decided that Halo testnet will be deprecated by July 25th, 2022. Thank you for your participation in our Halo Testnet and your insightful feedback for product improvement.

Click here for more details:

5. Aura Network x Impossible Finance: vIDIA Bonus Allocation

Last week, Impossible Finance introduced vIDIA and announced a special round of vIDIA Bonus Staking Allocation with Aura Network. There are three standout features of vIDIA, which are as follows:

  1. Improving the stability of IDIA before, during, and after staking periods
  2. Increasing available token types for staking
  3. Motivating IDIA holders and IDIA liquidity providers

Click here for the full article:

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