Welcome to our first weekly recap! To keep the community updated, we are here to summarize our latest progress and activities for the past week.

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Hey AuraFam!

Here are our recaps of the most notable:


In order to spark our creative community, Aura Network is thrilled to launch a photo contest. Through this contest, our mission is to embrace and expand our committed community. Stay tuned for our many more Euphoria Staging Network Release events.

Twitter Spaces AMA - 8/7

Last week we had an AMA in our community, where our BA - Harry Pham answered questions from the community. We’ve had a great time engaging with the community with a number of AMAs focused around introducing the project as well as providing a technical overview for users.

Impossible Finance x Aura Network x Klever Whitelist Allocation Contest

Klever has partnered up with Impossible Finance and they are giving 150 Klever users access to Whitelist Allocation sales to the value of US$15,000 in AURA. Our community members can easily participate in our gleam campaign from 05/07 to 20/07.

Impossible Finance x Aura Network x K300 Whitelist Allocation Contest

We are opening up US$10,000 AURA of Whitelist Allocation tailored for the K300 community! Users can complete the tasks to win the chance to get rewarded US$50 AURA. If you are interested in taking part, click here:

Aura Hackathon: Tech Meetup - 9/7

Aura Network held this meet-up to welcome our Top23 on the significant achievements that all the team has made in the past few weeks. Most importantly, we aimed to clarify any queries that our candidates may have about the project. 14 out of 23 teams joined the meet-up as it was hosted both onsite and online.

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