Aura Network is super thrilled to announce our long-term partnership with Republic Crypto, one of the pioneering Web3 accelerators.

Busy with all sum-up things during the year-end period, Aura Network is more excited with new plans for the upcoming 2023. After numerous conversations, we can now unfold the very first fresh and good news of 2023: the official strategic advisory partnership between Aura Network and Republic Crypto.

Why Republic Crypto?

Republic Crypto is among the core forces in the movement of accelerating Web3 adoption across the world. Founded in 2017 by a world-class team of strategists, Republic Crypto has guided 90+ ambitious projects from the early stage to foster the entire Web3 ecosystem, including Avalanche, DappRadar, Cere, Ratio, etc. Outstandingly, one of Republic Crypto's affiliated entities was one of the three lead investors in AVAX's $230M private token sale in 2021. For a very long period, Republic Crypto has been placed at the top list of strategic partners that Aura Network wants to collaborate with, considering its vast contribution to the revolution of Blockchain and Web3.

A radical move into the Web3 world

Looking toward the upcoming year 2023, Aura Network aims to expand our ecosystem and strengthen our position in the Web3 sector. The strategic partnership between Aura Network and Republic Crypto will pave the way for us to become one of the leading Web3 builders.

“Partnering with Republic Crypto is an ideal launchpad for us to help align our high commitments and aspirations about the future of Web3 mass adoption. Starting here, we will unlock access to immersive Web3 experience for the builders and users of Aura Network ecosystem.” - Giang Tran, Founder & CEO of Aura Network.

Equipped with unrivalled experiences and resources in Web3, Republic Crypto will thoughtfully advise Aura Network on tokenomic design, blockchain infrastructure and many more. Especially, Aura Network will work closely with Republic Crypto for technical support and advisory in preparation for the upcoming Mainnet launch in early Q1/2023.

“We’re incredibly excited to get in the trenches with Aura Network. Our super token thesis and regional chain thesis ring especially strong in Asia, where infrastructure needs to cultivate layer of trust between consumers, developers, and enterprises from the ground up.” - Alex Ye, Senior Director, Research and Economics of Republic Crypto.

Tune in to Aura Network channels for the latest updates, and let’s build the Internet of NFTs together!

About Republic Crypto

Republic is a global financial technology firm at the frontier of democratizing access to the private markets. Republic operates several distinct business lines including a retail investment platform, a private capital division, and a blockchain advisory practice. "Republic" refers to a family of legal entities owned by OpenDeal Inc., a Delaware corporation, sharing the "Republic" brand and certain shareholders, resources, personnel and values. "Republic Crypto" as used herein refers to Republic's crypto advisory arm Republic Crypto LLC d/b/a Republic Advisory Services. In other contexts, Republic Crypto might refer to a crypto investment fund managed by Republic Capital
Adviser LLC entities. Other times, "Republic Crypto" might be used in the context of digital asset offering hosted by a "Republic Retail" Republic regulatory licensed entity, such as OpenDeal Broker LLC or OpenDeal Portal LLC (not Republic Crypto LLC. Neither Republic Capital Adviser LLC, OpenDeal Broker LLC, or OpenDeal Portal LLC are involved in the strategic joint venture, Republic Crypto LLC is a web3 strategic and technology advisory firm accelerating the growth of the industry's most ambitious builders and investors. For more information, please visit and

About Aura Network

Aura Network is an ecosystem built to accelerate global NFTs adoption. Aura Network focuses on building the Internet of NFTs and bringing NFT and web3 to the masses.

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