Aura Network x The Data Nerd: NFT Collection Offers Access to On-chain Data 101 Course

Aura Network and The Data Nerd have joined forces to introduce a unique NFT collection that grants access to the "On-chain Data 101" course by NERD Academy.

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This partnership merges Aura Network’s expertise in blockchain with The Data Nerd's dedication to Web3 education, paving the way for an exceptional learning opportunity for blockchain enthusiasts.

As the need for blockchain professionals continues to rise, this collaboration showcases the potential for creative approaches to education and skill development within the Web3 industry.

Who is NERD Academy?

NERD Academy aims to cultivate a global community of top on-chain data analysts. Through the Blockchain Data Academy launch, individuals and organizations in the Web3 sector can overcome challenges, gain a deep understanding of on-chain data, and acquire vital skills.

NERD Academy focuses on providing knowledge via case studies, practical experiences, and connections with leading blockchain partners like SotaLabs, CryptoQuant, Oxalus, Solscan, and Aura Network. The introduction of NERD Academy to the Vietnamese market offers the local community chances to connect with global experts and access comprehensive blockchain data.

Introducing the On-chain Data 101 NFT collection

The "On-chain Data 101" course, scheduled to commence on May 15th, aims to help participants consolidate their knowledge and become adept on-chain data analysts.

To access the Discord channel, which hosts NERD Academy's courses, students must secure an NFT as an entry pass. These NFTs can be claimed through the NERD Academy website or an NFT marketplace.

As part of the collaboration between Aura Network and The Data Nerd, the exclusive On-chain Data 101 NFT collection will be released on SeekHYPE. Students who claim their NFT on SeekHYPE will enjoy a 30% discount for the course.

This collaboration between Aura Network and The Data Nerd provides students access to an innovative course on on-chain data analysis while leveraging the security NFT technology offers.

Details of the On-chain Data 101 NFT collection sale

  • Marketplace: SeekHYPE
  • Collection name: Nerd Access Pass: On-chain Data 101
  • Quantity: 30 NFTs
  • Listing price: 2700 AURA/ NFT
  • Open sale at 10:00 UTC, May 8, 2023
  • Guide to mint NFT here.

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