Invitation to join Euphoria Staging Network

In order to prepare for the mainnet launch, Aura Network intended to run a staging network named Euphoria.

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We are seeking validators to join our Incentivized Validator Program (IVP) tailored for those taking part in Euphoria. See below for more details.

1. What is Euphoria?

Aura Network has launched 2 main testing environments: Serenity testnet and Halo testnet. Both are tightly controlled networks with a limited number of validators controlled by the Aura team and some other partners. These are mostly for DApp testing purposes rather than a close resemblance to the production mainnet environment.

In order to prepare for the mainnet launch, we decided to create another environment with real validators to evaluate the security and decentralization aspect of the product. This new environment is referred to as the staging environment, code name: Euphoria.

Similar to the staging environment concept in traditional software development, Euphoria is the near exact replica of Aura Mainnet. This means we will try our best to bootstrap external validators, set up vesting, voting and operate the Euphoria bootstrap community as closely as we will do on Aura Mainnet in the future.

2. Validator Selection Criteria

Getting validator involvement is the first step towards a good mainnet launch and a long-term decentralized network. To encourage validators to take part in the Euphoria network, we are going to launch our Incentivized Validator Program (IVP).

As the initial maximum slot for the active set of Euphoria is 50, there should be criteria for selecting participants if the number of qualified validators (*) is greater than 50. The final result is decided by the Aura team, taking into account the consultation of partners and major validators that we handpicked. However, we will try to maximize the diversity of the validator set in terms of:

  • Experience in the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Recommendation of Aura’s partners or already bought our tokens.
  • Community representation.
  • Experience in running validators for other networks.
  • Geological location.

We will also try to reserve some slots for Independent validators if they can demonstrate their skills and determination to work with Aura Network for the long term.

(*) To become qualified validators, validators must pass several requirements. See details here: testnets/ at main · aura-nw/testnets · GitHub

3. Rewards for Validators

There are several benefits to validators participating in the IVP:

  • Compensation: For each day running a validator node in the IVP, each validator will receive a reward of 60 Aura Tokens (IDO price: 0.065 USD) on mainnet. This amount is calculated by the Aura team, taking into consideration the valuation of the project, average spending for infrastructure and recommendations from various partners. The compensation amount is taken from the ecosystem growth fund. These tokens will be directly credited to genesis validators and bonded in the genesis block of Aura mainnet.
  • Guarantee Genesis Validator slot: All validators who complete the IVP will be included in the genesis block of Aura mainnet.
  • Chance to get delegation from Aura Network partners: The Aura team will send all validator information and their contribution to the IVP to all Aura partners who own Aura tokens from strategic and private rounds. We will also recommend partners to choose several validators to delegate at the beginning of the mainnet phase to ensure decentralization.

4. How to register for the program

If you are interested in participating in our IVP, please fill in your validator information here:

After that, we will send out the KYC link to your registered email.

For further information about our Euphoria Staging Network launch, click on the link below:

testnets/ at main · aura-nw/testnets · GitHub

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