Foundation Delegation Round 1 Results

The final result of the Aura Foundation Delegation Program is out now! Read the article below for official announcement.

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Dear Auraholics,

We are excited to announce the finalization of the first round of Foundation Delegation. We would like to present the list of all validators who have received delegation from Aura Network Foundation:

Check out the final result HERE.

In total, there are:

  • 25 validators who will each receive 1,000,000 AURA for their outstanding contributions to Aura Network and the Cosmos ecosystem. These validators were selected based on the criteria outlined in the Foundation Delegation document, which can be found here.
  • The rest of the genesis validator set will receive a delegation of 100,000 AURA each to reinforce their commitment to the Xstaxy mainnet launch.

All validators received delegation from the Aura Foundation must commit to the pledge on GitHub.

Following the foundation delegation, we will be opening the first Governance Proposal on the Xstaxy mainnet, which will turn on block rewards inflation for the network. More details regarding governance will be announced later today.

Please note that this is only the first round of Foundation Delegation. We will re-evaluate the delegation list every quarter to ensure that new validators have the opportunity to contribute to the network.

Stay tuned for more updates and continue to support Aura Network as we work towards building a stronger, more robust ecosystem together!

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