Validator Program: The Final Steps of Mainnet Preparation

‘The Xstaxy’ Mainnet launch is expected at the end of Q1 2023. In this article, we outline the two main programs in which validators can get involved with the Aura Mainnet.

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After 12 rigorous months, Aura Network has successfully delivered 3 testnet launches - Halo, Serenity and Euphoria. In addition to this, the BEP-20 $AURA received positive feedback from the community since the release on the BNB chain. Driven from all of these accomplishments, it is time for Aura Network to advance to the next chapter: Mainnet launch - code name: Xstaxy.

As previously announced to our community, ‘The Xstaxy’ Mainnet launch is expected at the end of Q1 2023. The exact date and time will be shared within the coming days. In this article, we outline the two main programs in which validators can get involved with the Aura Mainnet.

In preparation for Mainnet launch, there are two possible avenues for developers and validators to get involved. It includes taking part in the genesis block of the Xstaxy.  Given the importance of the genesis block, we decided to open the Aura Genesis Validator Program to recruit the best team of genesis validators. The other is through Aura Foundation Delegation Program, which is a benefit for validators who are committed to growing the ecosystem with us after mainnet launch.

Below are the details on these two programs to assist with validator applications.

Aura Genesis Validator Program

There are a total of 70 Validator slots for the genesis block of Xstaxy. However, 52 slots are already filled by validators who previously participated in the Euphoria incentivized testnet program in June 2022. This means there are 18 vacant slots opened for new registrations! In the case that any validators in the 52 slots decide to stop participating in Xstaxy, their slot will become vacant for others to join.

Selection Criteria

Since the genesis slots are limited, there are several criterias for selecting validators. Although the final decision is made by the Aura team, it will also be consulted with partners and other significant validators that were previously selected. We are committed to maximize the diversity of the validators, therefore selection is governed by the following terms:

  • Experience in the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Recommendation of Aura’s partners or those already bought our tokens.
  • Community representation.
  • Experience in running validators for other networks.
  • Geological location.

We will also reserve some slots for independent validators if they can demonstrate their skills and determination to work with Aura Network long-term.

Aura Foundation Delegation Program

Aura Foundation Delegation Program is created for the Aura Foundation to cultivate the decentralization and growth of the network by appropriately allocating funds for delegation. The delegation program is comprehensive and requires many steps to join, so kindly check out the detailed program here.

Registration Form

Please take your time to fill out the registration forms for both Aura Genesis Validator Registration and Aura Foundation Delegation Program (even if you’re already in the Euphoria IVP set). Register to join us here:

Registration Deadline: March 2nd, 2023 00:00 UTC

The network is set to officially launch towards the end of  Q1 2023. We will announce the exact time and date of Mainnet launch within the next week. Stay tuned!
We are also open to discussing this plan with the community in preparation for the Xstaxy Mainnet. If there are any suggestions, feel free to share in our Github forum.

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