Attention is the main currency of NFTs

Admist the rapid growth of the NFT market, getting and sustaining attention is the key to an NFT project.

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Getting attention for an NFT is like having a clear voice amidst a noisy crowd. It's a game of market studying, intensive research, and understanding your investor avatar.

There is a process of attracting attention from inception and sustaining it despite market conditions. This article will explain how the attention currency is key to NFTs.

Getting the audience insight

The average Internet user gets up to 4,000 to 10,000 messages daily, depending on how active they are. During their journey surfing the Internet, many things are vying for users' attention; products from various niches show up consequently to get a click. But, only the well-structured posts can catch attention of target audience.

Considering that, a keen audience study is needed before building and launching any NFT. There are categories of consumers, and not all products from the same niche would be needed by everybody interested in that niche. That's why a critical study is important.

To begin with, a consumer persona must be built for the product. The consumer persona is a summary of who your audience is. It involves their behaviors, demographics, interests, etc., which helps you realize who will show interest and value these NFTs rather than jumping to a hasty conclusion.

The MAYC NFT has a target of boarding more users to the BAYC family. The NFT was released as a 20,000 collection with only 10,000 auctioned. This simply shows that the target audience of Yuga labs, the creator of these NFTs are those who have shown keen interest in BAYC, those who own BAYC, and those who didn't know about the launch of BAYC but won't miss out on it next time, in summary, those who can pull out their fund for anything BAYC and this worked for them because MAYC was sold out under 1 hour instead of the proposed 9 hours.

Attracting audience attention

Based on a thorough understanding of your audience, project owners need to always keep the audience's attention in check at every point. As there are different stages for an NFT investor, attention can be lost before they get to the end of the funnel.

We shall be studying a few ways project owners can get attention from the audience:

Building strong community and engagement

A community is not just a massive number of followers; it involves followers that are actively engaging with your activities. A community with good engagement generates attention on social media, thereby boosting hype for the project.

This first process of building a community and engagement encompasses different things needed to get mainstream attention. We can begin with their digital location to determine where you publicly build your community.

Then, to generate engagement in the community, it will require telling the project stories in a way that the audience can resonate with. At this time, attention is continually fed with information that increases investors' trust and brand love.

Instant messaging apps like Telegram and Discord can be used to house the scattered number of people. AMA sessions, active community managers, scheduled contents, FAQs, and suggestion channels are all ways to sustain the audience's attention. Some who are not frequent with Twitter can get direct news with no interference through the announcement channel on Discord.

The proper use of Marketing

Marketing is not just limited to filling up social media platforms with positive updates; it also includes suitable influencers, user incentives, promising partnerships, defined advertisements, etc.

Particularly, influencers can play a significant role in getting attention, as a single tweet can lead to a pump or a dump. Words of influencers have a great impact on the support or opposition to the project. Hence, project owners need to define specific criteria to choose a suitable influencer to work with.

Also, partnership is another effective way to buy more interest from other brand's audiences. Throughout this form of cross-marketing, just like how Adidas partnered with Money, Punkscomic, and BAYC released its "Into the metaverse" NFT collection, project owners can expand the number of followers for their NFTs.


The NFT market will continue to grow, and more brands will dive into this market with strategies to have a good community or audience conversion rate from the scattered and noisy crowd. Getting and sustaining attention is the key to project growth; it seals up investors' interest towards better decision-making in every market condition.

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