What is a Blockchain for Emerging Countries?

Join Aura Network as we explore the strategic rebranding and mission to drive blockchain mass adoption in emerging countries through modular tech stacks.

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Why Emerging Countries?

Emerging countries, typically characterized by their developing economies and substantial potential for growth, present unique opportunities and challenges. While bustling with innovation and a young, tech-savvy population, these nations often need more access to technology, financial systems, and global markets.

According to the 2023 Chainalysis Global Crypto Adoption Index, countries like the Philippines, Ukraine, and India are leading the way in blockchain adoption. Furthermore, a report by Bitstamp reveals that among the top ten countries with the largest share of crypto users are low- and middle-income nations such as Thailand (20%), Nigeria, the Philippines, South Africa (each 19%), Argentina (18%), Indonesia, and Brazil (each 16%).

Aura Network has strategically chosen to focus on certain countries due to their readiness and eagerness for blockchain technologies. These markets provide an excellent opportunity for impactful digital transformation. With our innovative approach and redefined focus, Aura Network aims to become a reliable blockchain arm to support these emerging economies in Web3 adoption. This will ensure that decentralized technology is not only accessible but also a fundamental driver of development across various industries.

Giang Tran, Aura Network CEO, stated, “Emerging countries, especially in Asia, are central to the global adoption and growth of Web3 technologies. Aura Network’s rebranding and strategic focus on these regions aims to propel the development of Web3 technology, ensuring a decentralized future where these nations are active participants and innovators.”

The Shift to Modular Blockchain

Aura Network, initially branded as a Cosmos Blockchain with a vision to drive towards mass NFT adoption and build the ‘Internet of NFT,’ has strategically rebranded to become ‘The Layer 1 For Emerging Countries’. But what does this shift entail?

  • Monolithic Blockchain: Traditionally, monolithic blockchains operate as a single, unified system with interconnected components. While they can be robust and secure, they often lack the flexibility to adapt to diverse needs and can be resource-intensive to modify or scale.
  • Modular Blockchain: In contrast, modular blockchains, like the one Aura Network is adopting, are designed to be highly adaptable and scalable. Developers can easily add, modify, or interchange components, ensuring the technology can be tailored to meet evolving needs and challenges. This adaptability provides a strong and flexible foundation for building and scaling blockchain solutions and a more inclusive and customized approach to adopting blockchain technology.

Pushing the Web3 Development in Emerging Countries

With our new identity and strategy, Aura Network aims to be a transformative force in emerging countries, driving the adoption of Web3 technologies through the modular blockchain.

  • Building and Driving Blockchain Adoption: Aura Network utilizes modular tech stacks to offer secure, robust, and customized solutions to the unique needs and challenges of developing countries. This ensures that blockchain technology is accessible but also adaptable and relevant.
  • Empowering through Web3: Aura Network seeks to empower individuals and businesses in emerging countries by providing them with the tools and platforms to access, create, and leverage decentralized applications, fostering an environment where they can actively participate and innovate within the global Web3 space.
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility: By focusing on emerging countries and utilizing a modular approach to blockchain, Aura Network aims to create a more inclusive and accessible decentralized future where the transformative benefits of Web3 are available to all, regardless of geographical or economic boundaries.

To sum up, Aura Network’s decision to rebrand and shift towards becoming a blockchain for emerging countries is not just a mere change in our identity but rather a commitment to fostering a more inclusive, accessible, and innovative Web3 future. By focusing on the unique opportunities and challenges of these countries and utilizing the advantages of modular blockchain technology, Aura Network is in a position to play a critical role in driving the adoption of Web3 technologies in these regions, ensuring that they are not left behind in the decentralized digital future.

Stay tuned as we explore the journey ahead of Aura Network!

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