Aura Network's Ecosystem Update: Soaring to New Heights

Aura Network Ecosystem continues to make significant contributions in the Web3 space, and it’s time for another thrilling update.

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This update will spotlight the newest developments within the Aura Network ecosystem, featuring exciting Dapp progress, inspiring art, and our vibrant community engagement.

1. Leap Wallet Integration

We're delighted to welcome Leap Wallet to the Aura Network. This integration not only enriches our ecosystem but also offers new and exciting features to Aura users. Here are some of the exciting features that will enhance your experience:

  • Voting Proposal: Raise your voice by participating in the decision-making process. With the new voting proposal feature, every holder of Aura can have a say in shaping a better future for the network.
  • NFT Integration: The integration of NFTs into Leap Wallet unlocks a world of creative possibilities for artists and collectors, offering new avenues for investment and creativity.
  • Staking Auto Compound: Watch your holdings grow effortlessly. Our staking auto-compound feature automates the staking process, ensuring maximum earnings.

And the best part is, you can access these exciting additions on the mobile version right now, ensuring you can take advantage of them on the go.

2. SeekHYPE's new collection launches.

SeekHYPE has recently introduced its brand-new UI, designed to capture the essence of influential art and convey meaningful messages. The new UI comes with the launch of an attractive collection called "Silk & Steel: Women's Strength in Cultural Harmony."

Aislan Douglas, known as Aislandart, the creative artist behind this collection, hails from Paraiba, Brazil. Inspired by the limitless possibilities of NFTs, Aislandart created the awe-inspiring collection "Silk & Steel: Women's Strength in Cultural Harmony," now featured on SeekHYPE. Each piece of art in this collection transports viewers to a mystical and surreal world where women emerge as symbols of courage, immersed in environments enriched by rich traditional elements from various cultures.

Discover the latest collection launch on SeekHYPE.

3. Stakify: Stake Your NFTs with Confidence

Stakify, a staking-as-a-service platform, is now live on the Aura Network. You can earn rewards by locking your valuable NFTs in campaigns created by the community. This provides a secure and straightforward method of generating yield while maintaining ownership of your valuable NFTs. Our prestigious Stakify Private Lounge at the Aura Boy Golf Club is now open for you. Be among the first 100 ABGCs to stake in Stakify and seize this exclusive opportunity.

What makes Stakify genuinely remarkable is its accessibility. It extends its staking services to all Cosmos and Aura-based projects, making it easy, accessible, and affordable for all current and upcoming projects. With Stakify, you can earn rewards and actively participate in the Aura Network ecosystem.

4. HaloTrade Swap USDT/AURA Went Live

Exciting developments for $AURA holders as you can now seamlessly swap between AURA and USDt on HaloTrade. USDT can be bridged through an IBC connection between the Aura and Kava chains. This initiative will provide more trading opportunities and liquidity for Aura Network's token.

5. Aura's Platinum Sponsorship at BGTH 2023

Aura Network is proud to announce our participation as a Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming Blockchain Genesis event, scheduled for November 11–12, 2023, as part of Thailand Blockchain Week 2023. With the theme "Build in the Bear, Rise in the Bull," this event will challenge the current bear market trend and prepare everyone for the upcoming bull market. This sponsorship underscores Aura Network's commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the blockchain community.

The future of Aura Network is filled with promise, and it's all thanks to you, our wonderful community and partners. With these exciting updates and developments, we're eager to continue building an ecosystem that promotes and fosters progress. Stay tuned for more desirable updates, and thank you once again for being a part of the Aura Network community!

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