AURA PHOTO CONTEST - Winners Announcement

Aura Photo Contest - “All About Aura” ended at 2022-07-15 23:59 (UTC). Thank you for your time and effort to join our competition. Your great contribution has helped to promote Aura's image on social media channels.

It is such a difficult decision for the Aura team to choose the winners. We are super excited to announce the winners of the Aura Photo Contest as follows!

The winners list:

1st place, winning 100 $AURA: @_clivv

2nd place, winning 50 $AURA:


3rd place, winning 20 $AURA:


The winners chosen by the community:

Most retweeted Stickers, winning 50 $AURA: @Ryan_Crypto_22

Congratulations to all winners of the Aura Sticker Competition! Thank you for taking part in our Aura Sticker Competition. The rewards will be distributed to the winners at the beginning of August. Follow our channels to stay updated to the latest activities for community.

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