Our Testnets are Live: Experiment Serenity and Halo now!

We are so delighted to announce that both of our Testnets are now publicly open for early adopters to try out Aura Network's features!

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Serenity and Halo Testnet are activated

For those who want to join and interact with the Aura Network's outstanding features in its early stages of development, Serenity Testnet is the genuine recommendation for you. It is a stable environment for users and developers to try out Aura Network's features as our team and selected partners are the validators.

About Halo Testnet, it is an open and experimental environment just for validators to come and play with the Cosmos modules! Client testing, security and performance benchmarking are the key activities you can examine with Halo Testnet. We don't recommend you run applications on Halo Testnet because it will be reset regularly.

These Testnets are very exciting as they pave the way for our next significant milestone of launching the Staging Network (Euphoria), where Aura Network will unlock more features and use cases!

How to join Serenity Testnet?

You can find out more about how to use Serenity Testnet in our Docs here

Step 1: Download the latest version of Coin98 Wallet Web Extension (6.0.1): Coin98 Wallet and set up your wallet by using this Script to add the Aura Serenity Testnet chain.

Step 2: Get your AURA by joining our Discord. In the #pick-a-role channel, remember to react the [🧪] for Testnet Contributor. Next, go to #serenity-faucet channel, type "I love Aura" with your Coin98 wallet address for Aura Serenity Testnet, then hit send. It will automatically send 2 AURA to your Coin98 wallet.

Step 3: Access AuraScan for Serenity Testnet at: https://serenity.aurascan.io/ and connect your wallet.

Step 4: Stake your AURA by choosing a validator (it's highly recommended that you carefully review your validator before choosing one). You can try to delegate, undelegate or redelegate to another validator.

Step 5: Govern the network if you are a staker. You can vote on proposals with 4 options: Yes, No, NoWithVeto or Abstain (you can change the vote!)

Guide to Halo Testnet

You can find Halo Testnet Guideline in our Docs:

  1. How to run a full node: Read more
  2. Create your validator: Read more
  3. Securing your validator: Read more
  4. Networks information: Read more

And get access to AuraScan for Halo Testnet here: https://halo.aurascan.io/

What's next?

We hope that you are as excited about this as we are! This is a significant milestone to help Aura Network collect feedback and suggestions on the protocol at a larger scale to improve product quality.

We want to know everything!

Don't forget to give us your feedback on Discord or Telegram.

And please be patient, and we'll have further updates for the upcoming events soon! Stay tuned and follow our channels to keep up with the news!

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