Officially Release Our Staging Network: Euphoria

We are super excited to announce our Euphoria Staging Network launch. Read this article for full information about Euphoria.

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Euphoria Staging Network has been released!

As of April, Aura Network has launched 2 main testing environments, which are Serenity testnet and Halo testnet. These two testnets have completed their job well as an ideal environment for developers to test their dApps and practice running a full node.

To gather momentum for the remarkable event of the Mainnet launch in September, Aura decided to open a close resemblance to the production mainnet environment. This is where our staging network, named Euphoria, is officially created.

Similar to the staging environment concept in traditional software development, Euphoria is the near exact replica of Aura Mainnet. This means we will try our best to bootstrap external validators, set up vesting, voting and operate the Euphoria bootstrap community as closely as we will do on Aura Mainnet in the future.

During the last week of June, Aura Network has selected 55 validators to evaluate the security and decentralization aspects of the product. As tokens used in Euphoria are not Aura mainnet tokens, these validators are encouraged to join Euphoria through the Incentivized Validor Program (IVP). This is a program tailored for Euphoria validators, aiming to compensate them for the time and resources they spend on the network.

How to join our Euphoria Staging Network

The steps to join Euphoria Staging Network are basically similar to those of Serenity and Halo. Kindly check this article to find out more about how to use the Euphoria Staging Network.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Coin98 Wallet Web Extension (6.0.1): Coin98 Wallet and set up your wallet by using this Script to add the Aura Euphoria Staging Network chain

Step 2: Get your AURA by joining our Discord. In the #pick-a-role channel, remember to react the [🧪] for Testnet Contributor. Next, go to #euphoria-faucet channel, type "I love Aura" with your Coin98 wallet address for Aura Euphoria Staging Network, then hit send. It will automatically send 1 AURA to your Coin98 wallet.

Step 3: Access AuraScan for Euphoria Staging Network at: and connect your wallet to check your balance.

How to run a node in Euphoria

You can find the Euphoria Staging Network Guideline in our Docs:

And get access to AuraScan for Euphoria Staging Network here:

What’s next?

The Euphoria Staging Network is the next in line after Serenity and Halo to give developers an environment leading up to the real thing. This launch will be followed by the Aura mainnet launch, which is expected by the end of September 2022.

Don't forget to give us your feedback on Discord or Telegram.

We will run several community activities to promote our Euphoria Staging Network. Stay tuned and follow our channels to keep up with the news!

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