Interchain NFT Gaming on Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide

Explore Interchain NFT game on Cosmos and Aura Network’s introduction of Monsterra - the first Play-and-Earn Interchain NFT Game on Cosmos.

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As the world of blockchain technology is rapidly evolving, the introduction of Interchain NFTs and Interchain NFT Games is a step forward in this domain. This beginner’s guide will unpack the basics of these concepts, explaining their significance and implications in the blockchain and gaming world.

1. What are Interchain NFTs and Interchain NFT Games?

Interchain NFTs: Breaking Boundaries

Interchain NFTs, a technology supported by the Interchain Foundation, are paving the way for a new era in the blockchain world. They allow for cross-chain NFT interoperability between IBC-enabled chains, and a collaboration of multiple teams, including ICF, IRISnet, Gravity Bridge, Stargaze, Ark Protocol, and various community teams. This technology, with implementations in Cosmos SDK and CosmWasm, enables chains like Cosmos Hub to expand their interconnectivity in the NFT field.

In November 2022, a landmark event occurred with the first IBC NFT transfer between test chains, showcasing the interoperability between Cosmos SDK (Go) and CosmWasm (Rust) chains. This breakthrough demonstrates the potential for a more interconnected and expansive NFT market, no longer limited by the confines of a single blockchain.

Interchain NFT Games: A New Gaming Paradigm

Interchain NFT Games are at the forefront of a gaming revolution, leveraging the power of NFTs across multiple blockchain networks. These games offer:

  • Cross-Blockchain NFTs: Allowing NFTs to exist and be traded across various blockchain platforms, there by enhancing their value and usability.
  • Enhanced Gaming Experience: With assets from one game potentially usable in another, gamers enjoy a more interconnected world.
  • Innovative Game Development: Developers are empowered to create complex gaming ecosystems, thanks to the interoperability offered by Interchain technology.

The integration of Interchain NFTs into Cosmos, developed by Bianjie and supported by the Interchain Foundation, is a transformative step within the ecosystem. This integration not only standardised NFT operations within the Cosmos network, increasing its interconnectivity and scalability, but also overcame the isolation of NFTs on single chains, enabling cross-chain issuance and transfer.

More information: Read here.

2. Aura: Pioneering the 1st Interchain NFT GameFi on Cosmos

Aura Network is the first Cosmos chain to introduce Interchain NFT GameFi by bringing Monsterra, a leading Play-and-Earn/Interchain NFT GameFi project in Southeast Asia to the ecosystem. Monsterra’s integration delivers significant meanings:

  • First Interchain NFT Use Case: Tokenizing game assets using CosmWasm on Aura Network and enabling IBC-compatible in-game NFTs.
  • Technical and Business Development Achievement: Migrating Monsterra from the EVM world to the Cosmos stack, showcasing the capabilities of Cosmos technology in gaming applications.

Overall, this integration is more than just a technical feat. It symbolizes the versatility and potential of the Cosmos technology in consumer-facing products like gaming, creating a new wave of retail users in the crypto world.

Stay updated on the exciting developments and launch of Monsterra by following Aura Network’s channels! Keep in touch with the latest news and updates to stay ahead of this groundbreaking Interchain NFT gaming experience. 

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