Euphoria Quiz Winners Announcement

Congratulations to 90 winners of the Euphoria Quiz: Learn & Earn up to 500 AURA tokens! Let’s find your name in the winners list below!

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Euphoria Quiz: Learn & Earn up to 500 AURA tokens! ended at 2022-08-01 23:59 (UTC). This mini-game was held to encourage the Aura community to explore our Euphoria Staging Network and get rewarded the first AURA tokens!

There were over 12,000 participants who joined us to compete for the rewards. We are surprisingly overwhelmed with all the love you showed towards Aura Network and Euphoria. We are super happy to announce the winners, with the details as below:

Top 10 scored Highest and Earliest

Rewards: 10 $AURA for each

  • 0xd02E7ca626A6E3989b235aA6d3c88Ee6b2D2e343
  • 0x895a254B3fB620A2285673E8B119bBBc1aE84139
  • 0x681d9D5A2f8Fa05Ad14F026D2Ef443d8065e7CA4
  • 0x1f0C633fFAb13D91cc3E9EaE32A888d3f688C04F
  • 0xD81A3c0DBc148a7d097aE1e290AC6854F4bec7b1
  • 0xfCf850a6a6f0e6547AB9fe2d05aA97F03Cc48C5D
  • 0xba189e0221d687649138aBA8543E73D8Ae1250ff
  • 0x16ce73F5F98394D80014e778D04906C6317732D8
  • 0xCf103473498786A159Cd90E65bbC23bAEB63d42E
  • 0xB1827aF39BB2b66F268985F00b79238Ffdd4436F

Random 80 scored over 70%

Rewards: 5 $AURA for each

Check the winners list HERE.

Congratulations to all of the winners. Thank you for taking part in our Euphoria Quiz. The rewards will be distributed to the winners within 7 working days.

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