AURA STICKER COMPETITION - Let's Get Creative with Aura!

We are excited to announce our Aura Sticker Competition launch. Open for everyone who is Aura-enthusiasts! Read this article for further information.

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Total Prize: 400 $AURA


From 24th June to 8th July


  • 1st place: 200 $AURA
  • 2nd place: 50 $AURA
  • 3rd place: 20 $AURA (5 slots)
  • Most retweeted Stickers: 50 $AURA

How to participate in Aura Sticker Competition

(Note: Aura's mascot is an Astronaut Turtle)

Step 1: Join Aura's Telegram, Discord and Follow Aura's Twitter.

Step 2: Design a sticker pack according to our submission requirements (described below).

Step 3: Post your Stickers on Twitter with hashtag #AuraNetworkSticker #AuraNetwork and Tag 3 friends.

Step 4: Fill in this FORM.

The more interactions (like, comment, re-tweet) your tweet gets, the more chances you have to win our rewards.

Aura Sticker requirements

  • An Astronaut Turtle, Aura's mascot as the main character.
  • Aura logo should be included.
  • The number of stickers is 3-5 stickers per pack. You can get a bonus if your pack is larger.
  • Style: cheerful, friendly, suitable with the Aura image.
  • Aura brand assets:

Terms and Conditions

  • All users are allowed to participate in the event.
  • The reward will automatically be sent to the BEP-20 wallet the participant uses to join the contest.
  • Results and rewards will be announced within 15 days after the event ends.
  • Stickers must not refer to other project tokens, political and religious issues and an insult to human dignity.
  • Participants are responsible for all copyright issues of the images used to participate in the contest. Aura Network will not bear any accusations or lawsuits arising from the player's participation.
  • Participants are understood to have provided Aura Network with the right to use, reproduce, reprint, distribute, perform and/or display their works without further compensation or notice to Participants.
  • If a participant does not fill out the form, he or she will not be eligible for the prize.
  • Any participants having attempted to increase the interaction by bots or other forms of fraud will be removed from the list of winners by Aura Network.
  • The final decision belongs to the Aura Network team.

About Aura Network

Aura Network is a scalable, agile and effortless Layer-1 blockchain with a comprehensive ecosystem built to accelerate global NFTs adoption. Aura Network focuses on solving the problem of adopting NFTs and blockchain technology in general, which is currently a highly complex process.

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