AMA Recap: Aura Network and OIG

In case you missed our AMA on 13th May 2022 at the OIG Main Chat, we have you covered. Here’s the full summary of Aura Network and OIG AMA. Let’s deep dive into insightful details on Aura Network.

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Shari I OIG: Can you please introduce yourself and your background?

Jen | Aura Network: Hey guys, I'm Jen -  Aura Network's Community Manager. Glad to be here today!

Shari I OIG: What is Aura Network? Can you summarize it in a few sentences for us and tell us your vision for your project?

Jen | Aura Network: Aura Network is a Layer-1, NFT-centric blockchain built on Cosmos.

We believe that NFT is the key to the Metaverse and we aim to join hands building an interoperable future. Our mission is to accelerate global NFTs adoption by the Internet of Blockchain!

Aura has recently raised $2.5M in the seed round which is led by Coin98 Ventures, GBV Capital, Impossible Finance, Kucoin Labs, Kyber Ventures, SNZ, GUILDFI, Avatar by Avalanche, MEXC Pioneer, Gate Labs and other ventures.

We have just released our 'Serenity' and 'Halo' testnets a couple of days ago. We are overwhelmed by the support from early adopters and people who trusted Aura Network!

Shari I OIG: What makes Aura different from other chains?

Jen | Aura Network: Aura Network focuses on solving the problem of adopting NFTs and blockchain technology in general, which is currently a highly complex process. Aura Network will surely bring more value to brands, IP owners, and the broad audience as they can accelerate their business using cutting-edge technologies with no hassle at all.

We have been building a comprehensive ecosystem with our partners to ensure an effortless experience for NFTs and their owners. In the long run, what we envision is NFTs swapping between ecosystems.

Shari I OIG: Aura has an incredible suite of dapps. Can you describe the main Dapps of Aura Network in a little more detail?

Jen | Aura Network: Right now, we are on the run to develop our main dApps and Apps (literally working days to nights lol) and we want to make sure that every Aura dApps and Apps can assist you devotedly in your Defi experience:

AuraScan: The simplest yet powerful-est explorer tailored only for Aura holders (it's open for the public testing now:

NFT Hub Community: A community-driven platform for interacting with NFT and Metaverse (all-in-one)

Pyxis Safe: An intuitive solution for multi-signature assets management. Aura Safe should work on Aura Network as well as other Cosmos-based networks.

Aura Playground: Open-source web for smart contracts and dApps development

Make sure to follow us to keep up with the development news:

Shari I OIG: Can you explain the Aura token? What is it used for?

Jen | Aura Network: That's a very good question! There will be two types of tokens that belong to Aura Network: Aura Token on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and Aura Coin.

Aura Token on BSC will perform as a placeholder before Aura Mainnet launches. It has the full utilities as other BEP-20 Tokens. Aura Token also helps provide liquidity on compatible decentralized exchange and bootstrap users from this community.

Aura Coin is the native currency of the Aura Network blockchain. As the native currency, Aura Coin is used by holders for Staking, Governing, Transaction fees payment, Exchange, and Swapping.

You guys can find out more about Aura Token FAQ here:

Shari I OIG: Can you talk more about Aura's ecosystem?

Jen | Aura Network: Well, we are building an ecosystem that can cohost all our partners, such as Coin98, Impossible Finance, Kyber Network, etc. Along with that, Aura is working with brands, influencers, IP owners, Game Creators, and NFT owners to provide a way to tokenize their assets, thus creating a better user experience in using DeFi and NFT.

By 2023, Aura Network is expected to onboard millions of users, including general and crypto-native users.

Shari I OIG: Can you give us more insight into your roadmap, what is coming up that we should be aware of?

Jen | Aura Network: Sure thing! We've recently launched our Testnets: Serenity and Halo.

The next milestone is to launch the Euphoria Staging Network in Quarter 3 of 2022. Euphoria will be the closest version to the Mainnet, and we want to work with the most reputable validators to secure the network. Also, we plan to list our AURA on both centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges. Aura Network will spill the bean about this date on our social media channels. Make sure to follow us and never miss a thing:

Part 2: LIVE Question.

Shari I OIG: Hello under the features tab in your whitepaper I find what you call #Middleware please can you explain it in simple terms about it's purpose, functions and how this feature will add value to your platform?

Jen | Aura Network: Hey, I think we have merged the "middleware" part into the DAPPS layer. Usually, when DApps want to interact with the chain (executing a transaction or querying something), you can do it directly through the API provided by the Node (the Infrastructure layer).

However, as we see with blockchain development, developers tend to go with 3rd party services like Infura or Alchemy rather than directly communicating to the blockchain node. These are "middleware" services that will accelerate the development process by providing a lot of utilities, high availability APIs, and such. We do the same in Aura Network by offering services like high availability APIs for blockchain nodes, Websocket servers, open Data APIs, transaction relay, etc.

Shari I OIG: I like that "Aura Network" promises to make it easier for brands to take better advantage of NFTs and for fans to acquire them. Could you tell us how you plan to achieve this goal and thus attract more users to "Aura Network"?

Jen | Aura Network: I'm so excited that you asked that! Thank you for the good questions, Kelly Garina.

We are working closely with Brands to guide them on how and where to start in utilizing NFTs and blockchain technology. We build solutions along with them and optimize the chain along with the development of applications!

Shari I OIG: What is Aura Network's main approach to multi-chaining?

Jen | Aura Network: So, as Aura is built on Cosmos SDK, inter-blockchain communication is the thing we want to enable by default. With other non-Cosmos chains, there are plenty of bridges around like Wormhole, AllBridges, Axelar, etc.

Shari I OIG: Why have Aura decided to release 2 Testnets?

Jen | Aura Network: Thank you for your question! We want to reach both general users and developers/validators. And our two Testnets are explicitly built for this purpose.

With Serenity Testnet, you can try Aura Network's outstanding features in its early stages of development. It is a stable environment for users and developers to try out Aura Network's features as our team and selected partners are the validators. As developers will build apps on Serenity, we don't want to update the chain too much to ensure the best experiences for users.

Halo Testnet is an open and experimental environment just for validators to come and play with the Cosmos modules! Client testing, security, and performance benchmarking are the key activities you can examine with Halo Testnet!

Shari I OIG: I am happy to hear that Both of your Testnets are now publicly open for early adopters to join and interact with Aura Network's features. So,how can we try out these testnets? Are there any special requirements?

Jen | Aura Network: Thank you so much for supporting us, Arun Sajeevan! You can find the instruction on the link below:

  1. With Serenity Testnet, you can follow the instruction here:

Set up your wallet

Aura Faucet

Work with AuraScan

Stake your coin

Govern the network

  1. And here is the guideline for the Halo Testnet:

How to run a full node

Create your validator

Securing your validator

Networks information

Thank you Shari and OIG Community. Make sure to follow us to keep up with the news: Cheers!

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