Partnership Announcement: Aura Network and BingX

Aura Network is glad to announce our partnership with BingX, the leading social trading exchange.

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Aura Network is glad to announce our partnership with BingX,  the leading social trading exchange. Recently, BingX has announced its expansion of operations into Germany. This is the first country to adopt a blockchain strategy, paving the way for the advancement of blockchain technology, Web3, and metaverse applications in various sectors.

With the sets of goals in common, Aura Network and BingX will strive to work towards mass NFT adoption across industries. Through this partnership, both Aura Network and BingX will have opportunities to reach out to larger communities. Upcoming listing news will be announced on our official channels this week.

About BingX

Founded in 2018, BingX is a crypto social trading exchange that offers spot, derivatives, and copy trading services to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide with over 3 million users. BingX connects users with expert traders and the platform in a simple, safe and transparent way. Visit BingX at:

About Aura Network

Aura Network is a scalable, agile and effortless Layer-1 blockchain with a comprehensive ecosystem built to accelerate global NFTs adoption. Aura Network focuses on solving the problem of adopting NFTs and blockchain technology in general, which is currently a highly complex process. Follow us at: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Blog

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