Congratulations to all of the following winners in the Aura Sticker Competition! Up to 400 $AURA in rewards to be shared!

Aura Sticker Competition has ended at 2022-07-09 23:59 (UTC). We are overwhelmed with all the love and enthusiasm of the Aura community. As every sticker pack submitted is great, Aura has run an internal poll to select Top 3 winners.

We are super happy to announce the winners!

The winners chosen by the Aura team:

◆ 1st place, winning 200 $AURA: @nekpleks_

◆ 2nd place, winning 50 $AURA: @amorfathz

◆ 3rd place, winning 20 $AURA:


The winners chosen by the community:

Most retweeted Stickers, winning 50 $AURA: @nekpleks_

Congratulations to all of the winners. Thank you for taking part in our Aura Sticker Competition. The rewards will be distributed to the winners at the beginning of August.

In addition, we have launched a brand new contest for the community, Aura Photo Contest - All About Aura with the rewards of 350 $AURA. You are kindly invited to join us. For more information, click here: AURA PHOTO CONTEST - ALL ABOUT AURA

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